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Ecommerce Web Development/ Solutions

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce can be elaborated into Electronic Commerce; a process that includes online buying and selling of goods and services. Unlike traditional methods, the major advantage here is the ability to market across countries and regions. With E-commerce, boundaries are never a limitation to reach out to customers!

The Requirements

In the recent years there's been a sharp rise in e-commerce websites and the demand for e-commerce development. Interestingly, quiet a lot of new companies claim to have in-depth knowledge of e-commerce designs. However, apart from knowledge and understanding it is the right strategy and high-quality method of development that plays a pivotal role in increasing the return on investment (ROI).
As far as e-commerce development is concerned, it is vital to be equipped with the right tools and attention-grabbing ideas that will set the venture on the right track. At Zeuxine Technologies, we understand this well and start by strategizing and developing custom e-commerce web designs as per the business requirements. Our expert e-commerce team provides robust, scalable solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our Professional Ecommerce Development services include;

• Ecommerce Website Design & Development
• Ecommerce Store & Shopping Cart
• Ecommerce Portal Development & Shopping Mall
• Multi Lingual & Currency Ecommerce
• B2B & B2C Ecommerce
• Ecommerce Website Enhancement & Application Development
• Custom Ecommerce Development
• Hire Dedicated Ecommerce Team

Our Stunning Design Features

• Custom design
• User friendly Administration
• Easy Navigation
• Product Navigation
• Shopping Cart
• Order Management
• Sales management
• Inventory Management
• Payment Processing

Magento Ecommerce Development – An inclusive Ecommerce Solutions Supplier Company

Zeuxine Technologies offers Magneto e-commerce development services that would perfectly suit your business needs. Magneto is the latest buzz in the e-commerce world and many business enterprises choose Magento to connect and enhance their customer experience. Our professional developers will develop custom modules, integrate PSD, provide backend training and much more. It doesn't matter what kind of business enterprise you operate; be it insurance, manufacturing, hotel, travel or health care, with Zeuxine Technologies you can achieve a wide-range of objectives by leveraging the Magneto e-commerce platform.

If your search is for professional Magento e-commerce developers; then rest assured, your search ends here!
Zeuxine Technologies is one stop solution for Magento e-commerce development!

WordPress Ecommerce Development

We specialize in wordpress e-commerce development!
If you're looking to set-up a wordpress store or convert the existing website model into an influential selling engine, let us assist you to achieve your goal!

Our Service Offerings

Professional Design

Every business is unique and so should be its online store!
Our visually appealing designs developed by a team of experts are fresh, unique and functional that will position you well in the competitive online world.

Product Catalog Uploads

One of the main features is the control to upload as many as products to your website's database. On the other-hand update the same easily and quickly without the need to make any changes in the inventory.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The ideal way to boost sales and expect increase in return on investment (ROI) is by earning good page rankings in major search engines. Our effective SEO methods will lead you to the gateway of long lasting success of your venture.

Product Feeds

A simple installation interface, which automatically creates a product/pricing inventory, fed on a regular basis to Google Products as well as additional price-comparison websites.


In-order to conclude and make better decisions on existing business models or newly devised theories it is vital to examine the analytical data. As for e-commerce companies; website traffic, sales figures, page rankings are some of the key data that is required. Zeuxine Technologies's pioneer analytical team will support you with all the data that is required to determine your user pattern and current trends.

Social Media Integration

We live in the world of social media and as for every businesses success social media marketing plays a crucial role. Our social media integration services will help you leverage the power of social media for your website. Our primarily focus is to provide an engaging platform for our clients!

VirtueMart E-commerce Development

VirtueMart is a fully featured open source software product that can be used along with Joomla. Innovative e-commerce solutions are derived by grouping different softwares. The benefit of collectively implementing Virtuemart, Joomla and Mambots, is that, it effectively and effortlessly supports the achievement of sales targets. Since the online competition is intense; at Zeuxine Technologies we focus on developing nothing less than result driven intuitive interface for our clients!

Mobile e-commerce solutions

Online retail is heavily influenced by mobile devices; Zeuxine Technologies's mobile commerce allows your customers to make purchases of your product and services through the mobile optimized version of your online store. We provide custom designs and apps for various mobile operating systems like Android, RIM Blackberry, Apple iphones and j2ME.
Innovation is the key to success; now take the leap to revolutionize your business through mobile shopping!

Quality Assurance (Testing)

At Zeuxine Technologies it is not a Herculean task for us to deliver glitch free products with our right QA efforts. We implement standard testing from the early stage of production, which diminishes the chances of delivery delays. Our testing procedures assure a quality product that meet client expectations. We have a niche for designing and developing superior products and side-by-side performing testing procedures that equips us to render error free solutions.

Our testing activities include:

• Software functionality testing
• Feature testing
• Usability, accessibility, efficiency, interoperability and reliability testing

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