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Website Maintenance Services

Zeuxine Technologies offers consistent up-to date website maintenance methodologies to make your website fit every time. We understand the fact that designing, programming and website development does not end with the purchase of our product to the clients. It is important to update the website regularly by means of changing the contents, designs and appearance according to the current needs.

Why Website maintenance services?

The stagnation of the websites has the ability to degrade the search engine ranking and lose the regular visitors. Nowadays, the competition is so intense when it comes to online marketing; therefore it is important get well ahead of your competitors. The traffic to your website can be reduced by means of long response time, delay in loading of the pages and uneasy transactions. Websites are almost behaving as a brand image of your business; it will reduce the brand value if the website is not maintained properly from time to time.

What we Do?

We regularly perform checking the functionalities of your website by means of our inspection methodologies. We also keep up on the current trends in the online market and customer needs in order to make your website up-to date. Zeuxine Technologies Web Development Company, Pondicherry can help you to promote your website in the online medium and enable you to reach your target customers successfully.

Our Website Services & Charges

• Adding, Updating on content, Product on existing web page
• Events and Calendar updating
• New Page Creation for websites according to the requirements
• Including or Modifying Designs, banners, pictures and icons
• Complete backup of your website
• Optimizing Website performance

We offer standard turn-around time of 2-3 days with affordable cost. You can call us to get detailed information and discussion about your requirements.

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